Velvet Body Lotions designed for Sri Lankan skin offers consumers great moisturization and safe ingredients

Using certain skin care products that do not suit your skin can create problems, and Sri Lanka’s tropical climate takes a toll on the skin causing dryness, dullness, and irritation. Do customers pay attention to the skin care products they buy? This is one of the most relevant questions for today’s context, hence, it is paramount to be aware of skin care products before using them.     

Velvet is a truly 100% Sri Lankan manufactured brand with a rich history of providing the best personal wash and skincare products. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and treating it with respect will repay the favor. We live and breathe our environment, our skin does too, so our faces are exposed to everything we experience most of which we have little choice about. Velvet believes that healthy skin is indeed beautiful in its fullest form, thereby striving to provide the best solutions to gain and sustain healthy and beautiful skin. 

Living in a tropical island really takes a toll on the skin causing dryness, dullness, and irritation – three of the most common skin woes we face. Our climate affects our skin textures and conditions, adding to a list of uncontrollable reasons for skin care.

A major aspect to consider when taking care of your skin is effective moisturization. Making sure that your skin care product is infused with moisturizing properties helps to keep your skin wet while preventing dryness and the appearance of wrinkles. Velvet skin care products are rich in moisturizing properties to ensure that your daily skin care routine is effective in every way.    

Specially designed for Sri Lankan skin, Velvet skin care products come with a unique differentiation. After extensive research, three unique variants – Glow Perfect, All Day Fresh, and Intense Nourish, were created bringing you the best of science and nature. Each variant is designed to enhance the skin’s natural beauty and make it stand out, with a glow of confidence in yourself. The country’s climatic conditions are also taken into account such as UV rays and humidity, as well as the Sri Lankan unique skin tones.  

All three Velvet Body Lotion variants provide distinctive benefits, with the underlying advantage of enhancing the unique Sri Lankan beauty. The Glow Perfect variant comes with Saffron/Curcumin Extract, giving women the main benefit of instantly visible golden glowing skin. This variant is backed by its capability of offering 360° UV protection, 360° lightening technology, and the BB cream effect. Sakura Extract, the core ingredient of All-Day Fresh, provides a fragrance lock technology offering lasting fragrance and instant cooling freshness. Additional benefits of this variant include; lightening vitamins and an ultra-light formula made specially to absorb into your skin within seconds. The third variant, Intense Nourish, is designed with a formula using Avocados, Olives, and Vitamin E Beads. It has heavy moisturization and nourishment capabilities for dry skin while it also renews moisture on your skin and lightens the darkened areas caused by dryness. 

To ensure the safety of the products used on your precious skin, it is recommended to thoroughly inspect the product labels and details before choosing a product. Most of the products contain a detailed description of ingredients and relevant certifications. A good quality skin care product can be determined with several certifications such as the NMRA and ISO certifications and IFRA certification for use of safe fragrances. Velvet promises the valued users the best solutions for dry skin, sweat, and body odor while providing nourished and glowing skin. Its powerful moisturization properties are designed specially to suit Sri Lankan skin and the use of safe and natural ingredients offers the best nourishment for moisturized and healthy skin.   

The unique Hydrosoft technology in Velvet products locks in moisture to provide a soft skin that every woman yearns for. Velvet skin care products come with NMRA, GMP, and ISO certifications and are renowned for the mild fragrances used in its products, guiding the brand to be IFRA certified. 

Velvet is first and foremost a leading feminine brand that understands the importance of the Sri Lankan woman, and the brand encourages women to be conscious of Sri Lankan skin types and tones. At the heart of Velvet’s brand promise is consumer safety, where it showcases skin-friendly products with high moisturizing levels. Velvet is strengthened by a comprehensive product portfolio including Soap, Body Wash, Hand Wash and Body Lotion, which are manufactured to the highest standards in line with all required safety protocols.    



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