Aaraa & Aati Offers Splendid Sapphire Deal in Commemoration of its Fifth Anniversary Announces Latest Partnership with Akbar Tea

With half a decade down and forever to go, Aaraa & Aati (A&A) – Sri Lanka’s homegrown luxury jewellery brand – proudly celebrates its fifth anniversary with a glamorous, limited-period offer to commemorate the significant milestone.

The Sapphire, most commonly believed to be the fifth anniversary gemstone, is a symbol of strength, hope, wisdom and wellbeing. And Aaraa & Aati, on its fifth anniversary, is offering this brilliant gemstone at a 20% discount from 1st February until 14th February 2022.

Elaborating on the brand’s wonderful journey thus far, Co-Founder of Aaraa & Aati Fahmy Rahman states: “We started out in 2017 as an online store on Instagram and Facebook – with the vision of delivering premium luxury goods at reasonable rates. Since our core business comprised trading high quality gemstones, we began offering customised jewellery with our high-end gemstones. We stayed in the game while several advised us against the concept of selling luxury gems online.

“Fast forward to five years later – online retail has become the new normal and Aaraa & Aati has become a homegrown symbol of quality, credibility and reliability. We definitely couldn’t have done it without the support of our loyal clientele! It’s been an absolute pleasure serving our customers in Sri Lanka and Singapore for the past five years, and we look forward to expanding our services to the Middle East as we continue to deliver a luxury brand experience.”

Aaraa & Aati is also proud to announce its most recent partnership with Akbar Tea, by means of which it has now added luxury tea to its high-end portfolio of gifting items. “Aaraa & Aati has gone beyond gemstones and traditional jewellery over the years to include a deluxe range of cufflinks in partnership with ShirtWorks (SWX), and now, premium quality tea from one of the world’s leading Ceylon tea exporters – Akbar Brothers Private Limited. Akbar Tea is the best there is in the country, and there’s no better Sri Lankan souvenir that’s as ideal for gifting a loved one,” says Fahmy.

Aaraa & Aati holds years of professional experience in exporting world-class, ethically-sourced gemstones to the West and is dedicated to offering impeccably-tailored jewellery of the highest quality at reasonable prices. The brand strictly adheres to implementing an ethical business – so much so that the A&A team personally visits Sri Lankan mines to ensure that the gemstones are sourced ethically and sustainably.

In terms of quality, A&A only purchases about three percent of the gemstones that come to market, taking special care to scrutinise and grade every single gem for its colour, cut, clarity, weight and overall impact that it creates. This 360-degree approach is what sets Aaraa & Aati apart from the rest, offering the best value for money to all its customers. Moreover, Aaraa & Aati’s Exclusive Club – which is an amalgamation of personalised experiences, rewards, loyalty programmes, exclusive events, and much more – delivers bespoke luxury experiences for its valued clientele.

For more information, please visit www.aaraa-aati.com or contact 0770218384.



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