Amana Takaful Insurance launches Total Drive Prestige – a unique insurance cover for high-value vehicles

Amana Takaful Insurance introduced a breakthrough motor insurance product that is exclusively tailored for the owners of vehicles valued at Rs. 10 million or above. This product is an extension of the company’s motor insurance product range, and is titled “Total Drive Prestige”. The key value proposition of Total Drive Prestige lies in the fact that it ensures a 100% claim pay-off, in order to provide a high-quality service to its clientele.

The first of its kind in Sri Lanka, Total Drive Prestige motor insurance is a premier insurance cover offered at competitive market rates, available for premier vehicle models. Among the benefits of Total Drive Prestige, the owner’s insurance contribution being waived off for seven years is a highlight, as it allows customers the ability to have the vehicle taken to any garage of their choice at the point of accident.  Amana Takaful General Insurance’s Total Drive policies keep the customers away from the unnecessary hassles faced by vehicle owners at the time of making a claim.

Noushad Cassim, who is the Deputy General Manager for Metro Sales at Amana Insurance said: “We are pleased to offer a pioneering service of this nature that benefits Sri Lankan high-value vehicle owners. Total Drive integrates Amana Takaful Insurance’s well-reputed customer-centric business approach thereby offering the customers peace of mind, that 100% of their due claim will be promptly entertained while supporting them throughout the entire claim process. We ensure that they receive the total claim as per their insurance policy.”

He added saying “Usually applying for insurance claims is a daunting task and this is even more so when it comes to claiming motor insurance. With ‘Total Drive’ and its extended ‘Total Drive Prestige’ for high-valued vehicles, things change for the better – much better for the vehicle owner, and that is the reason we consider it a breakthrough insurance offer in Sri Lanka. The process has been simplified to be customer-centric to an extent, where Total Drive policyholders have the option of simply calling Amana Takaful Insurance, and continuing their journey when met with an accident, as a result of the ‘call & go’ facility made available by the company.”

Amana Takaful Insurance’s ‘Total Drive Prestige’ will cover the full claim of the insured even if it’s serviced by an authorized garage of the vehicle manufacturer or any other garage of choice. Thus, with ‘Total Drive Prestige’, the insured does not need to wait for an agent’s authorization when entering garages for repairs. Similarly, when the claims are settled, there will be no deduction for any rubber components that would be re-fitted – another customer-centric manoeuvre unique to Total Drive Prestige.

Total Drive Prestige has personal accident covers as well as hospitalization covers for both the insured as well as passengers. In the case of an accident, the insured is entitled to a Personal accident cover of Rs. 1,000,000 while a cover of Rs. 500,000 is offered for each passenger. The insured is entitled to a hospitalization cover of Rs. 500,000 while each passenger is offered Rs. 50,000. Total Drive’s benefits do not stop here; it offers a host of other attractive coverages as well. They include full airbag covers, alternative transport covers (up to Rs. 12,000 per day), and a towing cover up to Rs 20,000.

For more information, you can visit the closest Amana Takaful Insurance Branch, or call on 011 750 1000.

 About Amana Takaful Insurance:

Amana Takaful Insurance was established 22 years ago with the primary vision and commitment of providing peace of mind through world-class insurance solutions. It holds people-friendly ethical practices close to its heart, and is the only premier fully-fledged Takaful insurance company in Sri Lanka.

Amana Takaful Insurance remains highly committed to its motto – ‘To Every Sri Lankan, as One’, and strongly aligns itself with the core values of Customer-Centricity, Open-Mindedness, Commitment to Quality, and Diversity in soul and spirit. The company is driven by a strong mission to stand apart from the rest by effectively engaging stakeholders and crafting unique insurance solutions in a spirit of mutuality and solidarity.

Amana Takaful Insurance offers a complete range of Life and General insurance solutions as well as tailor-made health insurance policies to suit the overall health needs of diverse segments of society.


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