AMW Epic Tyres Unveils Strategic Distributor Agreement, Elevating Its Storied Legacy in the Tyre Industry

AMW, a revered name in the Automotive industry in Sri Lanka with a rich history spanning 75 years, marked a historic milestone with the recent signing of a Distributor Agreement of its Tyre Manufacturing and Distribution business arm. The signing, which took place at the Hilton, Colombo on the on 5th of January 2024, showcased AMW EPIC Tyres’s commitment to growth and innovation, positioning itself as a pioneer in the industry. Now a part of the esteemed Dubai-based conglomerate Al Futtaim Group, AMW Epic Tyres is set to redefine the tyre market with its signature blend of quality, Durability, and reliability.

AMW Epic Tyres, known for its tireless pursuit of excellence, has become one of the leading local tyre manufacturers, specializing in Three-wheeler, Scooter and Motorcycle tyres. The brand stands out in the market, offering the best quality, premium tyres at competitive prices.

“At AMW Epic Tyres, our legacy is built on a foundation of quality and customer satisfaction. With 75 years of history behind us, we are excited to embark on a new chapter with our distributor network,” said Andre Bonthuys, Group Managing Director at AMW “This strategic move reflects our dedication to providing top-notch products while expanding our reach across the island.”

One of the key elements of this strategic shift is the appointment of region-based distributors. This approach allows AMW Epic Tyres to establish a more personalized connection with customers, ensuring that the right products reach the right markets. By partnering with local distributors, the brand aims to enhance accessibility and customer engagement.

To complement this initiative, AMW Epic Tyres has introduced a range of strategic changes aimed at optimizing its sales channels. The product is now available across all major tyre shops, offering customers a convenient and widespread availability of AMW Epic Tyres.

“We believe in creating a loyal customer base by consistently delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to excellence is not just a promise but a foundation upon which we build lasting relationships with our customers.” added Virann De Zoysa – Director Manufacturing at AMW

The brand recognizes the pivotal role of shop floor sales strategies in reaching end-users effectively. With this in mind, AMW Epic Tyres is committed to implementing innovative and customer-centric approaches at the point of sale.

The Distributor Agreement Signing Event was a momentous occasion, symbolizing AMW Epic Tyres’ dedication to growth and excellence. As the brand looks ahead, it invites customers, distributors, and partners alike to join in this exciting journey.

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The AMW Epic Tyres Team in attendance at the signing event, along with Mr. Virann De Zoysa, Director Manufacturing, sharing insightful words and Mr. Andre Bonthuys, Group Managing Director, addressing the enthusiastic gathering.


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