ATL Insurance takes tuk tuk insurance to the next level

Three-wheelers, or tuks tuks as they’re more commonly known, on the face of it are a uniquely efficient and, yes, practical mode of transport. It provides the dexterity and flexibility of something like a motorcycle, but with the added benefit of extra space for storage and passengers. So why is there such a stigma attached to owning one? Well, regardless of the answer, the tide seems to be slowly shifting.

Indeed, there is now a growing trend for individuals from across the socio-economic spectrum to utilise and, in many cases, own three-wheelers for their personal use. Young professionals, who are these days more financially savvy than ever, are now turning to three-wheelers as a legitimate household vehicle option. Meanwhile corporates in the couriering and logistics industries, to name a few, have been utilizing three-wheelers for their travel needs as they look to keep costs down.

What this makes clear is that the humble three-wheeler is not socio-economically bound, and that means insurance policies need to align themselves accordingly. While many popular insurance companies offer the base coverage in the event of an accident or permanent disability, there’s still more that needs to be taken into consideration. This is what is at the heart of Amana Takaful PLC’s (ATL), a revolutionary insurance scheme ‘Tuk Tuk Full’. Up to Rs. 300,000/- cover in the event of even natural death, and a daily Rs. 750/- cover for hospital expenses, ensures that such emergencies don’t prove debilitating.

Many of those who own and drive three-wheelers are also usually the sole breadwinners of the household, and as such it’s a matter of living day-to-day. This means that even a couple of days of lost income as a result of an accident can cause severe inconvenience to them and their families. ‘Tuk Tuk Full’ addresses this issue in full through its daily cover option in the event of the loss of income from motor accidents (up to Rs. 1,000/- per day).

The policy also provides cover up to Rs. 100,000 for 38 different ailments including heart disease, as well as offering comprehensive emergency cover in the case of total disability, hospitalisation and funeral expenses.


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