BCS launches official website for 24th National ICT Awards – NBQSA 2022

The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) unveiled the official website: www.nbqsa.org for the 24th National ICT Awards – NBQSA 2022 during the opening ceremony of the competition. The innovatively designed website details all necessary information on the NBQSA awards event, application procedure, guidelines, eligibility criteria, event calendar and is frequently updated with latest announcements. It aims to provide a highly user-friendly experience backed by key accessibility and navigation tools. The accessibility tools help to increase the website readability and access the website pages faster. Scrolling through website, the users find the winners of the previous awards events, awards categories, sponsors, and event collaborations, which offer them a good grasp of the awards event before proceeding to apply.

The National ICT Awards – NBQSA 2022 competition is the benchmark for Sri Lanka’s ICT industry. It showcases, recognises and rewards individuals who develop outstanding ICT products & services and provides an opportunity for them to receive international recognition. The NBQSA competition has been hosted by the Sri Lankan Section of BCS since 1998 and opens doors for the locally developed ICT products to reach international quality and standards.

Mr. Sanharsha Jayatissa, Chairman, National ICT Awards – NBQSA 2022 commented on the launch: “We are excited to be able to relaunch the NBQSA website with all-new, user-friendly features, even more information and better guidance for users and participants of the National ICT Awards – NBQSA 2022 competition. We hope that anyone who visits the website will enjoy it and find the content informative and useful.”

Mr. Vajeendra Kandegamage, Chairman, of BCS commenting on the launch said, “For 24 years, we have done our utmost to support the ICT industry and raise the quality and standard of locally developed ICT products to reach international standards. The aim of our new and improved website is to create awareness of the National ICT Awards on global scale, and with its new features, applicants can effortlessly acquire the information on applications, pre-arrangements and so much more. As the ICT industry continues to grow globally, this competition sets a benchmark for local ICT products, and we ae proud to be the gateway that elevates local companies to reach global heights.

Mihiri Dissanayake, Co-Chairman, of NBQSA also stated, “I believe NBQSA 2022 will make positive vibes among our local software community. The launch of the revamped NBQSA website will pave the way for all levels of stakeholders to engage with this initiative.” 

Each year, the Sri Lankan Section of BCS nominates the winners of the National ICT Awards – NBQSA for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards which allows participants to compete against the best of the ICT industry in the region. In previous years, multiple nominees from Sri Lanka have competed at APICTA Awards and achieved recognition of the highest accord.

As Sri Lanka’s foremost Chartered IT Professional body, BCS strives to facilitate improvements in the quality and standards of products and services in the ICT Industry in the nation. Upon recognising the best products and services, BCS facilitates business matching and investment promotions to help developers, companies and the ICT industry grow to unprecedented levels. The ultimate aim of this facilitation is to raise the Sri Lankan ICT industry to be on par with international standards.

Applications for the National ICT Awards – NBQSA 2022 will be open from the 1st of June 2022 to the 15th of July 2022, and the judging process is scheduled to commence in the month of August. The Award ceremony will be held to announce the winners, on the 4th of November 2022. For further information on the National ICT Awards – NBQSA 2022, visit www.nbqsa.org or https://bcssrilanka.org.

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Mr. Vajeendra S Kandegamage, Chairman – BCS, Mihiri Dissanayake,Co-chairman – NBQSA 2022,Sanharsha Jayatissa,Chairman – NBQSA 2022


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