Boutique Agency Network’s AI Ecosystem Geared to set New Standards in Advertising

Boutique Agency Network, a leader in data-driven advertising, launched the Boutique Marketing AI Ecosystem as a consolidated data & tech centre of excellence. The cutting-edge and potentially game-changing AI platform marks a significant leap in the world of advertising.  Within this ecosystem is MADAI, a proprietary generative AI tool first launched in 2023. MADAI has been significantly upgraded to analyse, predict and provide advanced recommendations or high performing creatives by utilising data-science, academic research, behavioural data and emotions inspired by south Asian aesthetics and culture.

Offering a transformative approach to advertising, the technology represents a significant stride in the effectiveness of creative work and is a demonstration of invaluable Sri Lankan innovation. MADAI automates one of the most essential parts of advertising, which is creative development. This helps accelerate the creative process, with enhanced speed and agility, resulting in the production of high-performance and highly efficient creative work.

MADAI is designed to reinforce the capabilities of creative teams and is particularly beneficial for strategic planners, creative directors, and copywriters alike. A key feature of the technology is its ability to provide end-to-end recommendations which helps enhance advertising films. This is done based on emotional constructs and leveraging analytical and data science integrations. MADAI represents a new paradigm in the creative development of advertising.


Mr. Seninda Bandara, Founder of Boutique Agency Network, stated, “Traditional metrics like views and ThruPlays don’t truly capture how audiences engage with advertisements. Research shows that less than 20% of viewers stay engaged for the entire ad, with many dropping off before the brand connection is made, especially in storytelling ads. This isn’t a media targeting issue but rather one of ad construction. MADAI tackles this problem by enabling the creation of ads with significantly higher retention rates in just a few seconds.”

As a testament to Sri Lankan innovation, this technology addresses the core challenges of audience retention and engagement, promising a new era of data-driven, emotionally resonant advertising. With MADAI, the Boutique Agency Network is poised to redefine the standards of creativity and effectiveness in the industry.


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