Clogard Natural Salt Concludes the Tab Wasana Campaign on a high note

Clogard Natural Salt Tab Wasana – a consumer promotion by the leading oral care brand Clogard Natural Salt was concluded recently and was a resounding success! Through this campaign, Clogard Natural Salt was able to present 30 lucky winners across the country with brand new Tabs, this will not only help the winners with their online learning needs but will also help the winners become more accustomed to using technology, which is a vital skill in today’s increasingly digital world. This festive season, the winners of this promotion will indeed have a cause to celebrate!

The objectives of this campaign were twofold, apart from the aforementioned objective of facilitating online learning, Clogard Natural Salt also used this opportunity to raise awareness on the power of natural salt in oral hygiene. Salt has been used for generations for oral care given its natural disinfectant properties which ensure overall oral health.

Submissions opened on the 1st of August and remained open until the 30th of November. During this period, Clogard Natural Salt received a large number of submissions from across the country. It was indeed competitive, but it was also a testament to the resilience and enthusiasm of people who wish to grab every opportunity available to better themselves.

All winners who received their Tabs were highly delighted with their prizes and commended Clogard Natural Salt on a job well done. The winner’ profound words of thanks and encouragement directed towards the brand bare witness to this.

One such winner stated; ‘I am highly grateful to Clogard Natural Salt for giving me this opportunity. I am currently pursuing my higher studies and since most lectures and lessons are online, this tab will help me immensely, I am extremely thankful to Clogard Natural Salt for this’. I cannot wait to use my new  tab!

Another Winner stated; ‘I could not believe it when I found out that I had won, coming from a low-income family, this will be a true game changer for me and my education. I am very thankful to Clogard Natural Salt for this wonderful initiative. It really shows that it is a brand who wants to give back to the people.

Clogard Natural Salt is delighted with the level of engagement and feedback which was generated by this activity and will sustain this momentum with similar activities in the future as well.

Commenting on the promotion, Ramila Fernando – Senior Brand Manager of Clogard stated; We are both elated and humbled by the response which we received for this campaign. In addition to this, we were also able to spread knowledge regarding the benefits of using Clogard Natural Salt Toothpaste for healthier gums and stronger teeth. . We at Clogard would like to say congratulations to all winners of this campaign! We would also like to thank everyone who participated in this campaign.

Clogard Natural Salt is currently available at the Hemas E-store and can also be purchased from select shopping points such as fancy stores, cosmetic vendors, grocery stores,

pharmacies, and supermarkets.

Hemas Consumer Brands is the largest Sri Lankan entity in the Home and Personal Care sector

in the nation. With over 70 years of rich heritage, the company has won consumer hearts

through strong purpose-led brands and progressive sustainability practices. It strives to bring

healthful living and personal care solutions to life through its portfolio of world-class products

and have garnered acclaim for the creation of superior products by uncovering local insights

backed by growth-inspired innovative teams.

Strengthened by several leading brands, Hemas Consumer Brands continues to innovate and

touch lives through its efforts in several cause-based projects such as the Aya Feminine Hygiene

initiative, the Kumarika Sonduru Diriyawanthi wig donation project for cancer patients and

Baby Cheramy’s progressive inclusive parenting initiative. Hemas Consumer Brands’ design

thinking brings revolutionary products such as Vivya heirloom rice-based skin range, the

Dandex Handy and Kumarika Poddi shampoo ranges to replace single use sachets portraying

brand’s commitment towards a green nation. The company also leads on several fronts to

contribute towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for all Sri Lankans.



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