Conifs Global Collaborates with Eco Escape in Mangrove Restoration

Conifs Global, a leading IT services company with its head office in Sri Lanka, recently participated in a Mangrove Restoration Project with the objective of strengthening its Corporate Environment Responsibility (CER). The company partnered with “Eco Escape”, a small venture, making a big impact towards the environment and the community in the surrounding area of the Keppu Ela River in Galle.

The Conifs team engaged in planting trees in various locations on site and further donated necessary equipment towards the sustainability of the project. Prior to the main project, an educational programme was conducted by Dr. M. G. Manoj Prasanna (PhD, C.Env.P) – Programme Assistant of the Ministry of Environment, where he presented a comprehensive virtual lecture on the mangrove ecosystem and its importance.

Indrajith Wijesiri, CEO of Conifs Global stated that the company has understood the vital role the private sector needs to play towards environmental conservation, in protecting its ecosystem. Keeping that in mind, he further stated that, “It isn’t only about understanding the importance of the mangrove restoration. Team engagement in such initiatives is key, as it encourages them to appreciate nature and understand how team work can make a significant difference”.

“We commend the efforts put in by Eco Escape towards the community, as much as the environment and glad to have partnered with them”. Even though it is a small venture, it is evident how small steps can make a big impact by combining passion and dedication into a project of this nature”. stated Thilina Jayasinghe, CTO of Conifs Global

Founder of Eco Escape, Janaka Gayan said that he was elated to collaborate with Conifs Global, further illustrating that working together makes a significant difference in preserving and restoring the mangrove ecosystem at Kepu Ela River, contributing to the overall conservation of coastal biodiversity and sustainable development.

About Conifs Global

Conifs Global is a digital transformation services provider, in ERP implementation for IFS, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Intelligence (BI) and Resource Augmentation. With its inception in 2019, Conifs Global has secured its place in Denmark and the European region, as a trustworthy partner in redefining a company’s digital transformation journey. For more details, visit their website at


Photo Caption- Conifs Global Team during the Mangrove Restoration Project


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