Digibrush – The Most Awarded at SLIM Digis

  • Bags 12 Awards including the prestigious Grand Prix Award in recognition for their exceptional performance in the digital marketing landscape.
  • Wins the Only Gold Award to be presented in the 2023 ceremony.
  • Awarded Best Performance Marketing Agency for the 3rd Consecutive Year.

 Digibrush, Sri Lanka’s leading digital marketing company stole the limelight at the recently concluded SLIM Digis 2.3 Awards night hosted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) by standing out as the most awarded Digital Marketing Agency of 2023, despite the heavy competition from some of the larger and multinational agencies.  

Among these accolades, Digibrush was notably honored with the highly sought-after Grand Prix Award for their outstanding performance in the Highest Ranked Digital Campaign of 2023.

The SLIM Digis 2.3 Awards, hosted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), celebrated a year of success, featuring over 190 award entries across various categories. Despite fierce competition, Digibrush emerged as the undisputed winner, reaffirming its position as the most sought-after digital marketing company in Sri Lanka.  Additionally, Digibrush stood out as the most awarded digital agency, surpassing multinational agencies and large local competitors. 

Remarkably, Digibrush reached a significant milestone by becoming the only agency to consecutively win the Best Performance Marketing Campaign category for three consecutive years.

Founded 15 years ago by two budding entrepreneurs Hisham Zulfikar and Fazaal Naufer, Digibrush has consistently been recognized as a modern-age digital marketing company that delivers quantifiable results to their clients. The agency’s commitment to delivering exceptional results for its clients was evident when their efforts for renowned brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Hutch, Crocodile, NDB, Emerald, and Clogard Fresh were recognized during this prestigious awards night.  

“We are extremely grateful to our clients for having trusted our capabilities during our remarkable journey over the last 15 years. The last 4 years have been an extremely tough business environment in Sri Lanka. Despite the many challenges, our clients continued to place their trust in us to deliver high-quality performances for them. Tonight’s accolades stand as a testimony to the trust our clients have placed in us” said a jubilant Hisham Zulfikar, the Managing Director of Digibrush. 

The dynamic company which started as a boutique agency has grown to become the leading digital marketing company in Sri Lanka, rubbing shoulders with global and much larger competitors and often coming out ahead. 

Commenting further, Hisham’s founding partner Fazaal Naufer who provides leadership to Digital & Design Innovation said “Digital Business Management has become our forte. Digital Marketing is just one element of it. We have built an organisation that strives to continue to deliver digital business outcomes to our clients. For this, we invested heavily in the technologies we use, the intellectual edge we have, and the caliber of people. What we see as awards are just the eventualities of those efforts.”

In addition to its achievements on the domestic front, Digibrush currently caters to customers from over 10 countries by providing them with Transformational Digital Marketing solutions to drive their business in the digital space. It has also expanded its international presence to markets abroad, including Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. This global expansion underscores the agency’s commitment to sharing its profound digital insights and expertise with businesses operating in rapidly growing digital economies worldwide.   


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