Diva Power Washing Wiplawaya creates opportunity to win washing machines

Diva, the leading household laundry brand from Hemas Consumer Brands, recently concluded the highly anticipated Diva Power Washing Wiplawaya initiative. The objective of this initiative was to provide an opportunity for people to participate and win a 7.5kg, fully automatic washing machine which would be helpful in doing their daily laundry. The competition was run for a period of two months covering four provinces.

Winners were selected and were awarded fully automatic washing machines as the Grand Prize at the conclusion of the competition.

Product detailing was shared with the customers at the Small and Medium Modern Trade (SMMT) outlets by promoters to familiarize them on benefits of both Diva Power Germ Guard & Colour Guard products while also informing them about the opportunity to win fully automatic washing machines. The customers who purchased 1KG, 1 litre or 600ml of Diva Power Germ Guard or Colour Guard, were instantly entered into the raffle draw.

Diva was originally launched in 2003 to provide a convenient alternative to laundry soap and create awareness about the advantages of detergent powder. In October 2020, Diva Power was launched in Germ Guard and Colour Guard variants. We saw Diva expand its portfolio the same year into the liquids category and was the first to bring in a liquid refill to the laundry category.

Manufactured with natural ingredients lime and kohomba, Diva Power Germ Guard helps to fight 99.9% germs and provides superior cleaning and long-lasting protection for clothes. Part of our power package, Diva Power Colour Guard, developed with the help of laundry experts from the United Kingdom is designed to protect the colours of clothes while providing superior cleaning and is infused with the fragrance of pink carnation to deliver a lasting fragrance. Both Diva Power Germ Guard and Diva Power Colour Guard can be used for either hand washing, or top loader washing machines.

Diva is a popular household name among Sri Lankans providing superior laundry solutions over the years.  The brand will continue to raise the standard of living for all Sri Lankans and cater to the ever-increasing demands of the laundry care category.

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The Grand Prize being handed over to the Winners of the Diva Power Washing Wiplawaya Raffle Draw

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