Durdans Hospital becomes the first private sector hospital in Sri Lanka to be equipped with world-class ZEISS KINEVO 900 Neuro Microscope

Durdans Hospital, located at No. 03 Alfred Place, Colombo 03, became the first private sector hospital in Sri Lanka to be equipped with the world-class ZEISS KINEVO 900 microscope to further enhance theatre operations. DIMO, one of the leading diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka, recently completed this installation, in line with its efforts to elevate the local healthcare sector with the latest technologies.   

Since its inception in 1945, Durdans Hospital has built a reputation for regional leadership in medical excellence and innovation based on a simple philosophy of improving the health of the community to be driven by passion and compassion. Inspired by this purpose, the hospital, in partnership with DIMO, took the initiative to install the state-of-the-art microscope ZEISS KINEVO 900 which is a new surgeon-driven robotic visualization system that merges the functionality of a surgical microscope with 4K and 3D visualization, along with specialized robotic control.

Durdans Hospital constantly seeks to bring the world’s best practices in terms of technology to Sri Lanka, to ensure an enhanced patient comfort as well as a reduced rate of surgeon error. DIMO’s introduction of ZEISS KINEVO 900 was the ideal solution that Durdans Hospital was looking for. Through this optical, navigation and simulation information are streamed into the microscope’s eyepiece and projected on large monitors in the operating room, providing a detailed perspective for the operating room staff. All parties including co-surgeons, surgical assistants and medical residents are now able to view the high-resolution images in real-time while the 3D glasses provide enhanced visualization of neuroanatomy.    

ZEISS KINEVO 900 has several features that are the first of its kind, including a specialized robotic control system called PointLock which enables surgeons to focus on a particular point in the surgical field and move the microscope in a spherical arch without losing focus. The use of a foot pedal allows surgeons to navigate safely around the patient during surgery as opposed to repositioning the patient. PositionMemory stores magnification and focus settings for key regions of the brain and QEVO®, a micro-inspection surgical tool, is engineered with an angled design, allowing surgeons to look around complex structures that are out of the microscope’s range. The Digital Hybrid Visualization with integrated 4K camera technology allows heads-up ocular-free surgery, offering the freedom of movement for surgeons.

The Deputy Director of Medical Services of Durdans Hospital, Dr. Jithendri Perera stated, “We aim to be at the forefront of Neurology and Neurosurgery with state-of-the-art medical equipment for our Neurosurgeons. The ZEISS KINEVO 900 Microscope will be a valuable tool for our surgeons to make precise decisions in the operating theatre.  Furthermore, excellent patient care is of paramount importance to us as we seek to meet all our patients’ needs. With skilled specialist doctors, technological and infrastructural advancements, Durdans Hospital is set to become the leading healthcare provider for Neurology and Neurosurgery in 2022.” 

“We will be expanding our services with a newly constructed Centre of Excellence for Neurology which will be further divided into the four major departments: Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuro-diagnostics, and Interventional Radiology. A rehabilitation unit with facilities for patients with neurological conditions will be established to provide long-term care for patients and this unit will support the four departments mentioned above”, Dr. Perera further stated.   

Speaking on the latest installation at the Durdans Hospital, Wijith Pushpawela, Executive Director of DIMO who also oversees Medical Engineering operations of the Group stated, “DIMO is in the forefront of introducing the latest technological advancements to the local healthcare sector. We are privileged to equip Durdans Hospital with this next generation Visualization System, which has more than 100 new features from ZEISS, the world-renowned brand in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. We have collaborated with Durdans Hospital for several similar projects in the past and we are looking forward to facilitating their future initiatives while sharing our expert knowledge in the medical engineering field to build a healthier nation. As the authorized representative for ZEISS in Sri Lanka, DIMO is fully geared to provide all required after-sales services.”  

The latest ZEISS KINEVO 900 microscope at the Durdans Hospital assists medical practitioners to make well-informed decisions while providing convenience and accuracy in surgeries.  


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ZEISS KINEVO 900 microscope assists medical practitioners to make well-informed decisions


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