Elevating Laundry Care: Diva Unveils Revamped Design and Improved Formula

Diva is proud to introduce refreshed and rejuvenated Diva Fresh, Diva Power, and Diva Soap ranges redefining the landscape of laundry and personal care in Sri Lanka.  With a clear focus on enhancing its functional attributes and value proposition, Diva emerges with a renewed brand overhaul, understanding and addressing growing consumer needs in an evolving market. 

The change embraces a modern and inspiring visual style that aligns with its brand commitment and purpose. These are in line with the brand’s core offerings: Diva Fresh, Diva Power, and Diva Soap. Speaking about the new outlook and what consumers can look forward to Mrs. Anushka Sabanayagam – Category Head, Laundry Care of Hemas Consumer Brands shared “The journey of Diva continues, celebrating excellence and innovation. Our refreshed ranges are a clear distinction in the laundry care segment in Sri Lanka. The all-new Diva Fresh, Diva Power, and Diva Soap ranges symbolize a commitment to excellence, protection, and efficiencies. These transformative changes empower our customers to embrace new laundry experiences.”

Diva Fresh’s charm is grounded in three fundamental components. First, Perfume Magic bestows an enduring and captivating fragrance that gracefully remains on clothes, infusing them with a reviving scent even after washing. Second, Fibre Clean Technology presents a revolutionary innovation ensuring garments maintain their pristine condition following each wash. Lastly, Optical Brighteners inject fabrics with renewed vibrancy creating confidence and character.  The Diva Fresh collection includes a variety of options such as Rose, Lotus, Jasmine, Sepalika, and Arialya variants.

Diva Power stands tall as the guardian of garments, ensuring they are safeguarded against germs and colour fading. Consumers have established a reputation synonymous with protection making it a perfect choice amongst households in the country. It boasts features, such as Germ Guard that effectively tackles 99.9% of germs, ensuring the health and well-being of the entire family. Complementing this is the advanced Colour Guard Technology developed with laundry experts in the UK, safeguarding vibrant colours and prolonging garment life. The product stands out whether used for washing machines or for hand washing, making it an essential and versatile addition to any laundry regimen. The Diva Power range is available in both liquid and powder formats.

Diva Soap emerges as an epitome of quality and affordability, which attributed to long-lasting perfume magic. This transform cleansing routines of consumers, enveloping an enduring and enchanting fragrance throughout the day.

Celebrating a journey of over 20 years, the Diva brand encompasses a range of laundry care and household products that cater to the needs of consumers in Sri Lanka. These products are designed to provide quality, affordability, and innovation in various categories.

About Hemas Consumer

Hemas Consumer Brands, the leading Sri Lankan manufacturer of Home and Personal Care products, has won consumer hearts over the years through strong purpose-led brands and progressive sustainability practices. Hemas Consumer Brands strive to bring healthful living and personal care solutions to life through its portfolio of world-class products. They have garnered acclaim for creating superior Market-leading and Award-winning products by uncovering local insights which are nourished by growth-inspired innovative teams. They touch the lives of the communities around the island by creating meaningful offerings, cultivating trusted partnerships, and championing a more environmentally friendly inclusive world.


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