Empowering women leaders; SLIM successfully concludes 2nd Episode of the Leading Liyo – Leadership Development Programme

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) recently conducted the certification ceremony of the Leading Liyo programme followed by an Experience Sharing Forum for the aspiring women who successfully completed the Leading Liyo; Leadership Development Programme – Episode 2, an initiative under the UNSDG Goal number 05 – Gender Equality.  

The event was graced by Ms. Sharika Senanayake, Executive Director of MAS Foundation for Change, as the guest of honour who delivered a wonderful and inspiring speech for the participants as a motivation for their journey of being groomed as women leaders in the corporate sector.

The Leading Liyo initiative is aimed at bridging the gender gap in the corporate world and promoting gender equality in the workplace. SLIM extended the scope of Leading Liyo by mentoring the second batch of women leaders to elevate their managerial skills, leadership development skills and knowledge, through a unique blueprint. 

The main objectives of the programme were to help accelerate the careers of high-potential leaders, prepare leaders and emerging executives in becoming more effective influencers who could contribute to the corporate success on a higher level and develop confidence and resilience in women leaders. 

The 2nd Episode of the programme covered 07 key modules which were conducted by a qualified and well-experienced panel of resource personnel. The topics included, not limited to, leadership and emotional intelligence, work-life balance, barriers/challenges to women leadership, international economics for business, climate emergency and sustainability, technology and geopolitical disruption and boards and governance. 

Opening doors to mentor 50 females as the first batch of the programme in 2021, this year’s programme expanded the opportunity to over 100 participants.

This initiative serves as a platform to guide and encourage women leaders to take on corporate and leadership roles in their respective fields. It also encourages women to move forward and take on the leadership mantle, as breaking workplace gender barriers, and giving equal opportunities for career women is important to put businesses on the fast track to gender parity. It also inspires women to shatter the glass ceilings and create awareness about the significance of workplace gender equality.  

Nuwan Gamage, President of SLIM, commented on this initiative. “SLIM commenced this project to encourage women to make greater contributions to the nation’s economic, political, social, and cultural growth. The Leading Liyo – Leadership Development Programme places a strong emphasis on assisting women in overcoming obstacles and realizing their goals, thus advancing the SDG’s 5th goal of gender equality. I see vast potential in all participants and congratulate these aspiring ladies for the successful completion of this programme.”

Nuwan Gamage, President of SLIM, addressing the gathering
The SLIM team with the programme participants

Gayan Perera, Vice President of Events & Sustainability at SLIM also commented, “This program was made available for the corporate women with the intention of molding their skills in order to enhance their contribution towards the triple bottom line. We are excited that we successfully rolled out the 2nd Episode and are looking forward to upgrade and continue this initiative as an annual calendar event of the institute.” 

Sanath Senanayake, CEO / Executive Director of SLIM, stated, “SLIM helps aspiring leaders by fostering their development of knowledge and skills, which enables them to become independent. We consider it a major accomplishment that there are now more women in the workforce than there were previously. More female leaders are welcome to join our next batch as we work to help them gain the skills and knowledge needed to advance the economy of our nation.”

Dr. Maduka Udunuwara, Project Chair for Sustainability Projects of SLIM, added, “This is the ideal programme designed for all corporate females who have a passion to break barriers and move forward. The Leading Liyo – Leadership Development Programme helps accelerate the careers of high-potential leaders, prepares leaders and emerging executives to become more effective influencers who can contribute to corporate success on a higher level and helps develop confidence and resilience in women leaders.”

The SLIM Sustainability Team launched the Women Leadership Development Programme for all corporate females with the purpose of highlighting the avenues that need attention and are important at various levels that would subsequently provide more career opportunities for Sri Lankan women. 

As the National body for Marketing in Sri Lanka, this is SLIM’s service to the nation, to encourage and empower women to come forward and become significant stakeholders in leading the economy into stability and growth.  


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