Fems takes another big step to fight Period Poverty in Sri Lanka

It comes as no surprise that in the current context women are busier than ever with daily chores and added responsibilities of employment and family commitments. Despite their busy schedule many women do not prioritize their own health and hygiene, sanitary needs and related concerns can hold women back from reaching their full potential. According to a Kantar LMRB household research conducted, unfortunately, 70% of women do not use a factory manufactured sanitary napkin on a regular basis. This is due to number of reasons such as lack of proper knowledge on menstrual health and hygiene and not prioritising their personal hygiene.

This raises a red flag to a pressing issue in the country, as it is not only about a majority of menstruating women not using sanitary napkins regularly, but it is more about how it negatively impacts their lives and stops them from chasing after their dreams, as it affects their day-to-day lives for a few days each month. Young girls miss out on going to school which in turn affects their education and women who work and support their families lose their income during such days.

As a brand that prioritizes the well-being of women, Fems, a leading feminine hygiene care brand of Hemas Consumer Brands, intended to address period poverty through two of its main identified causes; lack of awareness on proper menstrual health and hygiene practices, and lack of accessibility to high quality yet relatively low cost sanitary napkin products. In order to address the lack of awareness concern, the “Fems AYA” nationwide awareness initiative was launched together with other likeminded partners such as The Merrill J. Fernando foundation, the Arka Initiative, Sarvodaya Women’s movement and Sarvodaya Fusion in line with the International Women’s Day Celebrations. The core objective of this initiative is to address knowledge gaps in good menstrual hygiene.

Through this campaign, Fems continues to create awareness among local communities from rural villages to plantation workers and youth via the knowledge partner Arka Initiative. Fems with its partnership with the MJF foundation will be conducting training programs to plantation workers and Sarvodaya Women’s Movement opens the opportunity to take this initiative to the grass roots levels to educate rural women. Sarvodaya Fusion supports in conducting online awareness session targeting the youth. The ongoing training programs continue to empower women with valuable knowledge on menstrual health and hygiene, so that they can pass the message to others within their networks.

To help address the next major concern of affordability, Fems recently introduced a high quality and affordable sanitary napkin. “Fems AYA”, a high-quality cotton feel sanitary napkin with wings, is manufactured in line with international standards, which helps women to stay comfortable and confident. All raw materials used in its manufacturing process adhere to necessary safety standards and it comes with a soft cotton feel sheet to provide comfort to the user and wings to provide maximum protection. “Fems AYA” is a product with great value for money that focuses on affordable hygiene.

Commenting on the Fems AYA initiative and the launch of the sanitary napkin, Fiona Juriansz Munasinghe, Director- Marketing, Hemas Consumer Brands said, “As a responsible local company with entrenched roots in Sri Lankan we feel it is our responsibility to lead such initiatives.  It is heartening to see that awareness campaigns are proving to be highly productive as we see a considerable number of participants for each session. The launch of “Fems AYA”, the high-quality sanitary napkin for a lower price point is an important milestone in our journeyto support women rise above with confidence.”

The new “Fems AYA” Sanitary napkin is now available to purchase as 10-piece packs for a highly affordable price of Rs. 99/-.

Fems is one of Sri Lanka’s leading hygiene care brands manufactured and marketed by Hemas Consumer Brands. Fems utilizes the highest quality raw materials, state of the art technologies and adheres to 100% safety standards in manufacturing all its feminine hygiene care products. Being a brand accredited with the SLS certification and dermatologically tested certificate, Fems has won the hearts of many Sri Lankan women over the years and is renowned for providing superior comfort, protection and cleanliness for women to rise above.


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