Hayleys Agriculture empowers local farmers with Kubota’s mechanized rice planting technology

Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd., the country’s leading Agricultural machinery and equipment supplier, has carved out a name for bringing the world’s best Agri machinery and equipment to Sri Lanka. Over the years, Hayleys Agriculture has supported farmers by introducing new Agricultural mechanization technologies to facilitate farming and help to enhance productivity. Its collaboration with Kubota, a leading Agri machinery manufacturer in the world, has transformed the local Agriculture sector over the last decade with innovative Agri machinery.  The introduction of Kubota’s SPW-48C Rice Transplanter with its famous rice planting technology in 2013 to the local market heralded a new chapter in Agriculture mechanization in Sri Lanka.

With the help of Kubota Rice Transplanter, rice planting can be done in an evenly spaced manner while a minimum amount of seeds can be used to yield a better harvest. It also ensures 20 times more efficiency than manual way of rice planting and is capable of carefully transplanting the paddy plants without causing any damage. The Kubota Rice Transplanter has undergone several trials and tests in Sri Lanka to claim the FMRC certification and during the trials, it has proved its versatility in local paddy fields.

The Kubota Rice Transplanter is based on Japanese technology with an innovative and powerfully built design.  Its compact size makes it easier to operate through muddy fields.  Powered by an OHV Overhead valve gasoline engine, Kubota Rice Transplanter efficiently saves fuel and maximizes productivity. It has the capacity to plant 2 to 2.5 acres of paddy lands a day and most importantly, it comes with the options of adjusting the distance between paddy plants in five different ways as well as adjusting the depth of rice plants. Its control unit and lever handles are placed in a convenient manner, which helps even a novice farmer to navigate the machine easily.

Commenting on the Kubota Rice Transplanter, Sumith Herath – General Manager, Agri Equipment, Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd. said, “We are indeed proud to empower Sri Lankan farmers with Agri machinery with a world-renowned brand like Kubota. Kubota Rice Transplanter has proven to be highly efficient and suited for its job, adding to the convenience of farmers. The concept of mechanized rice planting is widely popular and is being successfully adopted by many countries in the world. At Hayleys Agriculture, we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise on the best practices in rice planting technology, which we have been sharing among the local farmers since the introduction of the Kubota Rice Transplanter.”

Kubota is a world-renowned Agri machinery manufacturer and the leading Rice Transplanter machine supplier to the world and the market leader in mechanized rice transplanting in Sri Lanka.  Kubota has a growing presence in Sri Lanka with most stages of paddy cultivation being carried out by Kubota Agri machines. Hayleys has so far sold over 600 Kubota Rice Transplanter machines in Sri Lanka and is proud of its efforts to uplift the local Agriculture through the introduction of innovative Agri mechanization solutions.



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