Hayleys Agriculture introduces cutting-edge Japanese technology to enhance local grain processing industry.

Hayleys Agriculture, one of Sri Lanka’s leading agricultural solutions providers, partnered with Shizuoka Seiki Japan, which has been manufacturing agricultural machinery for over 40 years and has continuously innovated advancements in grain processing technology, to introduce the all-new Shizuoka Circulation type Grain Dryer, with cutting-edge Japanese technology, in an effort to enhance the country’s grain processing industry.

The Shizuoka Grain Dryer is set to revolutionize the grain drying process, which has long been bottlenecked by the use of conventional drying methods in the local grain processing industry. A large portion of the industry currently relies on the sun-drying process, which results in high damage to the grain during the milling process for consumption and low germination rates for seed-purpose grain processing due to the long drying periods and low consistency. On the other hand, the entire process was made even more challenging due to the susceptibility to environmental changes as well.

It is with these issues in mind that Hayleys Agriculture introduced an all-new, specifically designed grain drying system that can stand out from its competitors in the market through its improved drying mechanism that reduces grain damage and encourages even drying regardless of the weather condition.

The Grain Dryer is equipped with a specially designed bucket elevator and screw system to minimize any mechanical damage to the grain. It also ensures an even distribution of grain within the dryer to enhance the consistency of the process. Another key feature is an improved online grain moisture analyzer that provides highly accurate and continuous drying parameter readings, which allows for better control of the process. On top of that, the compact design of these dryers makes installation, maintenance, and operation extremely easy and user-friendly. 

Mr. Sumith Herath, Director/General Manager and SBU Head of Agri Equipment Division of Hayleys Agriculture commented: “Since the 1950s, we have always been strongly committed to protecting and improving the agricultural industry by providing machinery of the highest quality. The partnership with Shizuoka is a testament to that very commitment, and we hope to continue advancing the standard of agricultural technology in Sri Lanka in the future as well. Sri Lankan farmers will be able to get firsthand experience of the fine mix of trustworthiness and reliability that Shizuoka has gained worldwide through decades of manufacturing agricultural machinery and technological advancements, along with Hayleys Agriculture’s unparalleled customer care, pre and after sales service capabilities, as all dryers are subject to a manufacturer’s warranty, which will be provided by Shizuoka through Hayleys Agriculture.”


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