Hayleys Fentons Supports “9 Province Awareness” Programmes of Blue Green Sri Lanka National Green Building Certification

Hayleys Fentons, recently partnered the inaugural “9 Province Awareness”, an awareness programme under the National Green Building Certification process of Blue Green Sri Lanka.

The programme, organized by the Urban Development Authority (UDA), is a significant milestone in sustainable construction as it aims to raise awareness at scale, across the island, about environmentally conscious building practices.

The inaugural awareness programme was held on August 11, 2023, for the North Central Province.

Roshani Dharmarathna, Director Business Development of Hayleys Fentons, stated, “We are excited about the potential of continuing this journey with the Urban Development Authority, contributing to the advancement of eco-friendly construction practices.

Our commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable energy solutions aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the National Green Building Certification process. The “9 Province Awareness” initiative reflects our core value and our corporate purpose of integrating innovative and sustainable approaches into every aspect of the sector.”

Environmentally conscious building practices offers numerous advantages. It preserves the environment, enhances resource efficiency, saves energy, and improves air quality. Economically, it fosters growth, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides a competitive edge to Sri Lankan industries.

“We are pleased to extend our gratitude to Hayleys Fentons for collaborating with us on this event and our partnership has played a crucial role in its resounding success. All buildings constructed from January 2017 need to obtain the “Blue Green Sri Lanka” green building rating system certification. The UDA, being appointed as the certification agency, will provide guidelines as well as certification for the buildings. It will certify the building is more efficient in terms of energy consumption and sustainability driving positive change in our community,” stated Ananda Samarasinghe, the Deputy Director General (Consultancy) of the Urban Development Authority.

The event was attended by professionals in the engineering and construction industry, including architects, landscape architects, engineers, and quantity surveyors, all of whom gained insights into sustainable energy practices and the latest technological advancements within the region.

About Fentons Limited:

Founded in 1919, Fentons is one of the oldest engineering companies to be established in Sri Lanka. With over a hundred-year legacy in Solar Power, Security and Communication, ICT Systems, Electrical and Lighting, Fire Safety Solutions, Air Conditioning and Ventilation, Uninterrupted Power Supply and Battery Backups,  Facility Management, and several other areas of engineering, Hayleys Fentons has grown to become a trusted pioneer in the industry that has made its mark and established an undisputed reputation across various other sectors.


Image Caption- Representatives from UDA and Hayleys Fentons during the Awareness program


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