Huawei Media Pad T5 and Free Buds 3 Facilitate Work from Home Plus Seamless Entertainment

Huawei, the innovative smartphone manufacturer, exhibits an innovative product portfolio from smartphones to Media Pads, Wearables, Earbuds, software and tools that cater to multi-faceted needs of the modern era. Huawei Media Pad T5 and Free Buds 3 are two of Huawei’s recently introduced feature-packed tech devices that deliver one of a kind experience, be it for entertainment, education or work related. Presently, not only in Sri Lanka, but most parts of the world are experiencing a period of a lockdown to some extent having to stay indoors and also work from home. Now, Staying indoors is never a dull experience thanks to Huawei Media Pad T5 and Free Buds 3 as they are designed to deliver top-notch performance individually and together.

The 10.1 inch Huawei Media Pad T5 offers the luxury of a big screen to watch movies, play games or online learning. While everyone stays at home, Media Pad T5 is a favorite partner which brings varied entertainment options and helps in essential office tasks such as emailing, typing tasks, managing social media profiles and many more. Its 1080p full HD vivid display delivers excellent detail in pictures and its 16:10 aspect ratio makes it a perfect device for watching movies and browsing internet as well. Its dual speakers manufactured with Huawei’s Histen Audio technology produce an amazing sound quality emulating a cinematic experience.

Reading E-books with the bigger screen of Media Pad T5 is much more comfortable and its Eye-comfort mode makes it a perfect companion for reading and surfing internet for longer hours. The Eye-comfort mode is certified by the TÜV Rheinland, a safety certification for low blue light and photobiological safety of smartphones. Eye-comfort mode is capable of filtering the harmful blue light to create healthy reading conditions day and night which is important for office work which needs much focus. Working from home may need to share files between devices and Media Pad T5 comes with Huawei Share feature which allows file sharing between Huawei devices without using mobile data. Media Pad T5 also features a children’s corner which offers a fun place for kids to play and learn with plenty of applications easily cater to the needs of the kids.

‘’Media Pad T5 and Free Buds 3 are two of the most innovative tech devices Huawei has unleashed to add comfort to the consumers’ lives. These two devices are capable of assisting users in multiple tasks and are capable of delivering a holistic experience together. This is a period where everyone stays indoors and in need of some mode of entertainment plus committing to tasks such as education or office work with work from model being practised. Media Pad T5 and Free buds 3 can cater to all of these needs and help one get through the quarantine period’’ said, Peter Liu, Country Head of Huawei Devices, Sri Lanka.

Huawei Free Buds 3 is an innovative addition to Huawei’s tech portfolio which is capable of connecting with any device on the go. Now users are free from the distraction of bulky wires and they can wear Free Buds 3 and listen to music or answer calls while doing any other task without picking up the device. It also provides the comfort when users need to commit to office work at home as they do not need to pay attention to phone calls all the time. Having a Free Buds 3 not only makes the everyday lives easy, but also provides seamless entertainment for a longer period.

Media Pad T5 and Free Buds 3 when combined deliver an optimal performance in professional activities such as conference calls with the active noise cancellation feature of Free Buds 3 for an immersive, crystal clear music experience with integrated bass. Its dolphin Bionic design helps stable wearing and comfort while delivering focused sound. Free Buds 3 is capable of operating for 20 hours at a stretch which is basically throughout the day.


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