Huawei’s new wearables pioneer advanced fitness solutions plus connected living

The next generation of wearables are leading the way for a healthier and wholesome life as people become more health conscious. Today, people do not just use a watch for the sake of keeping track of time, its purpose has become broader, allowing for a fully connected experience thanks to highly advanced wearables. From calling purposes to viewing messages and enjoying workouts and music, today’s smartwatches come with built-in futuristic features that facilitate everyday life, increase productivity and efficiency and ensure work-life balance.  

Huawei, a leading technology solutions provider, which currently primes the global wearables market, continues to unveil products catering to contemporary needs of customers. The latest additions to Huawei’s wearable line up are Huawei Watch Fit, Huawei Watch GT2, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro, Huawei Band 4 and Huawei Band 4e.

The first in the list is Huawei Watch Fit that comes with a 1.64-inch Amoled square display, stylish design, a battery that can last up to 10 days and fast charging technology. It also comes with a range of fitness tracking features that pave the way for an active lifestyle. Its animated personal trainer is just one of its unique fitness features. The smartwatch comes with 12 animated fitness courses and 44 standardized fitness exercises. It also supports 96 workout modes, 11 professional sports modes and 85 free sports modes. Watch Fit is equipped with advanced technologies such as Huawei TruRelax technology that helps to release stress level, Huawei TruSleep TM 2.0 that helps in measuring sleep quality and Huawei TruSen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology, which can monitor the user’s heart rate accurately.

Huawei Watch GT 2 is yet another innovatively designed, ultra-thin smartwatch that features a water resistance rating of 50m, more than two weeks of battery life and integrated smart features such as Bluetooth calls, music playback, scientific sleep monitoring, fitness monitoring, information assistant, heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking and more. Its light weight, trendy and scratch resistant design, scientific fitness guidance, and accurate health monitoring make it the ideal watch for everyday usage. Further, the watch recognizes and monitors your various types of exercise activities and corresponding data throughout the day using its built-in accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors. It provides detailed data related to heart rate, sleep time with indicators such as deep sleep, light sleep, and rapid eye movement, and recommendations to improve sleep quality.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, the ultra-professional smartwatch made with titanium and sapphire, comes with a wide range of features such as 100 customized workouts, more than 10 running courses and metrics such as heart rate, average speed, maximum slope, etc. It alerts the user when there’s a sudden weather change, helps to find the user’s way home with trajectory return, and more, especially useful for trips to places off the beaten track.Acting as a professional coach with voice assistance, this smartwatch provides everything a user needs for personal training and its exclusive golf driving mode assists in improving golf skills. The GT 2 Pro uses components with low power consumption, like the self-developed Kirin A1 chip, which means it provides much longer battery life up to 2 weeks on a single charge backed by its wireless and quick charging options. And also, there’s plenty more features from answering calls and music playback to a host of tracking options such as sleep, heart rate, workouts that Huawei GT Pro offers.

Next in the list is Huawei Band 4 that comes with a 2.5D colorful touch screen, stylish watch faces, built in features for health monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, outdoor & indoor sport modes and smart notifications. Huawei Band 4 supports single-time SpO2 level measuring, helping to detect the level of oxygen in blood and also provides accurate heart rate details and monitors sleep quality. It also provides intelligent reminders via vibrations making the user more health conscious. Further, it provides detailed data results for heart rate, heart rate zone, steps, distance, speed, calories and many more. Most importantly, the user can access notifications of any messages or phone calls and Remote Shutter by easily connecting the smartphone with Band 4. The built-in USB plug of Huawei Band 4 fits in for general USB chargers, so the user can charge it anywhere, anytime and a single charge powers the band with more than 6 days of usage time.

Huawei Band 4e is a youthful wearable that comes with innovative features including advanced fitness tracker with shoe wearing design and a unique feature for monitoring basketball performance while offering water resistant capability up to 50m and a 2-week long battery.  By tracking and analyzing every movement, Huawei Band 4e assists the user to improve basketball skills. It also provides comprehensive running statistics with the help of 6 axis motion sensor. Its innovative dual wearing mode enables the user to wear it on the wrist as well as on the foot.

Huawei Watch Fit is available to purchase for Rs. 26,499/-, Huawei Watch GT2 for Rs. 43,999/-, Huawei GT2 Pro for 57,999/-, Huawei Band 4 for Rs. 7,499/- and Huawei Band 4e for Rs. 5,099/- from all Huawei experience centers, island-wide Singer showrooms, and


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