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The Ceylon Motor Traders Association (CMTA), Sri Lanka’s leading automotive association with a 100-year history, states that especially due to the current import suspension, vehicle owners should maintain their vehicles according to manufacturer guidelines in order to increase the market value. The association which represents the authorized agents of global auto manufacturers in Sri Lanka is of the view that vehicle owners need to exercise great care when choosing a service provider for their valuable vehicles.

The Chairman of the CMTA, Yasendra Amerasinghe said, “As a responsible national trade association, we are bound to protect vehicle owners, which is why we urge them to choose only authorized agents. It is our responsibility to guide them towards authorized agents who professionally and responsibly handle all vehicle repairs including accident repairs, genuine spare parts replacements, vehicle check-ups and a full packages of services under one roof.”

Chairman Amerasinghe also pointed out that the new-generation vehicles are highly advanced and are equipped with electronic systems such as Engine Control Unit (ECU), sensors, actuators, electronic braking system etc. Mechanics at most non-authorized workshops do not have proper training and adequate understanding of these advanced systems for them to properly service such vehicles whereas global auto manufacturers provide direct training to technicians who are under authorized agents. These authorized agents always ensure that their technicians are well equipped with the constantly updating knowledge in the automotive field.

“Authorized agents are duly monitored and audited by auto manufacturers in their efforts to ensure a high quality service for their respective brand. This monitoring process is extremely vital in maintaining the brand reputation and high level of service standard while ensuring that customers are fully satisfied” said Chairman Amerasinghe.

The CMTA is aware of how some vehicle owners fall prey to counterfeit spare parts due to lower cost of fake spares. The association states that the misconception among the public that “The costs at authorized agents are higher”, is mainly due to the use of non-genuine spares by non-authorized workshops while authorized agents use only genuine spares. Although the immediate cost may be lower with non-genuine spares, the damage to the related parts of the vehicle and compromising the safety of the users are major issues. We reiterate the fact that all authorized agents are monitored for their service standards and they have a shared vision to provide affordable and high quality services. They are focused in building long-term relationships with the customers and building the vehicle brand they represent, while providing best possible value for vehicle owners’ money.

Choosing an authorized agent for vehicle repairs and spare parts replacement not only ensures the safety of the passengers, but also helps in proper vehicle maintenance records which will increase the resale value of the vehicle. Further, the authorized agents provide the warranty from the manufacturer, hence the manufacturer bears the cost of the warranty and the authorized agent will replace any part if there is a fault. But any other party offering a ‘Warranty’ will have to absorb the cost of repairs during warranty period which will be a cost to them. Hence they could take short cuts which are not recommended or safe for the customer.  

Modern vehicles are computerized and their faults can be traced by software provided by manufacturers.  Authorized agents have access to these latest and original software that help in vehicle diagnostics whereas non-authorized workshops do not have access to the original software and tools supplied by the manufacturer. Authorized agents always use special tools and equipment recommended by global manufacturers for each brand, which do not harm the vehicle whereas non-authorized workshops would use common tools for all brands of vehicles which they service or repair. Unlike in the past, any miss-calculation by these advanced computerized software or machines in a modern car can cause major damages to the vehicle and the occupants as well.

The CMTA highly recommends vehicle owners to obtain the services of authorized agents who are well equipped with the combination of proper software, hardware, technical knowledge and skilled workforce.

Founded in 1920, the Ceylon Motor Traders Association (CMTA) is affiliated to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and is widely accepted as the voice of the Sri Lankan Automotive Industry. It is the most senior automotive trade association in the region and represents all major international automotive manufacturers, through their agents. The members of the CMTA collectively employ and train thousands of Sri Lankan citizens while bringing in international best practices in engineering and management, making a talent pool that is trained and employable internationally. CMTA members are all audited by the manufacturers they represent, and the vehicles they import come directly from the manufacturer, designed with country specific features such as engines meeting local fuel standards, suspension designed for local terrains, tropicalized & AC systems designed for local tropics with full warranty so the Sri Lankan public is assured of the quality of the vehicle and the credibility of the agent.

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Yasendra Amerasinghe , Chairman, Ceylon Motor Traders Association.


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