INIVOS Consulting on a role to equip Sri Lanka’s enterprise sector with ERP solutions

INIVOS Consulting, the fully-fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provider has launched its assortment of solutions to Sri Lanka’s enterprise sector in a bid to provide end-to-end solutions, earmarked to make progress in the business sphere.

INIVOS, an authorized partner of global ERP solutions provider IFS, has to-date served a multitude of local and international clients providing consulting and support, ERP suites, software development, and business insights. INIVOS offers comprehensive business solutions to sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, supply chain, retail, asset management as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

A service provider to IFS, INIVOS caters to business requirements of the enterprise sector via IFS product selling while it provides services to Acumatica and equips the SME sector with Acumatica’s solutions. Both IFS and Acumatica are duly recognized by Gartner, the world’s leading technological research and advisory company that further adds to INIVOS Consulting’s stature.

These partnerships have propelled INIVOS as a holistic solutions provider that distinguishes the company from its competitors in the industry. Its products range from planning to initializing, developing and support services and on top of that, INIVOS offers a handholding period for every project making sure that customers utilize its services for maximum effectiveness. This distinctive effort ensures that every project is streamlined and set goals are realized on time.

“Our main focus is to provide end-to-end ERP solutions that ultimately shrink the gaps in the industry. We are well geared to provide widely sought-after business solutions that enable companies to reach their business goals. Our team is committed to cater to customer needs with dedicated support services 24/7  and we share actionable insights helping our customers to be on par in this competitive business sphere. We always focus on building long-lasting relationships with customers and they will be treated to a host of solutions which are highly customizable. Our cutting-edge business solutions will enable business owners to focus on their business goals without worrying about back-end support” said Subashana Suwandarathna, Director and Co-Founder of INIVOS.

The ERP solutions offered through INIVOS are expected to lower operational costs, enhance efficiency with integrated systems, provide real-time business information and risk maintenance while building up business values.

Its partnership with Novacura Flow enables INIVOS to support the customers who seek such services. The experience gained after working with numerous clients has propelled INIVOS into a trademark company that is capable of identifying client requirements and arranging feasible solutions.

INIVOS Consulting‘s strength lies in its highly experienced team of consultants. Commenting on the INIVOS team, Ayomi Gunawardena, Director at INIVOS says: “Our team is the backbone of our company. INIVOS comprises of customer centric technical and support consultants who are well versed in providing comprehensive business solutions that suit their increasing business needs. Our ever expanding team specializes in project management, sales, product implementation and support services.”

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, INIVOS Consulting, ( has risen through the ranks to be a leading ERP solutions provider that has a strong client base in Asia as well as in Europe. It continues to provide user-friendly business solutions to both local and international clients, partnering with world’s leading ERP platforms.

Image Captions:

1- Director at INIVOS Ayomi Gunawardena

2- Director and Co-Founder of INIVOS Subashana Suwandarathna


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