Quickee.lk Marks an Industry First with Personal Concierge Service

Quickee.lk, a leading e-commerce and product delivery platform has launched an industry-first ‘Personal Concierge Service’, bringing a new paradigm shift in the local ecommerce and concierge delivery space.  Operational between 9:00am and 3:00am every day of the year, Quickee.lk’s novel service offering takes care of personal shopping needs without customers ever having to leave the comfort and safety of their homes. It is because of Quickee.lk’s wide range of innovative services such as this that the company continues to remain at the forefront of its industry.

The distinctive service reflects Quickee.lk’s forward-thinking brand vision that recognizesthe consumer’s desire for products that might not be available on generic e-commerce catalogues. The ‘Personal Concierge Service’ fills that very gap through the inclusion of unique products to its sophisticated product portfolio. The service entails the direct procurement of unlisted and easily inaccessible products from varied vendors themselves, and delivering them to the hands of the consumers with combined safety, trust and service excellence.

In essence, the ‘Personal Concierge Service’ allows customers to place their orders directly with the outlet(s) of their choice and communicate the order items, payable value and pickup time to Quickee.lk via call or WhatsApp. The Quickee.lk team then proceeds to pick up the order(s), pay the store(s) their dues on the customer’s behalf, and deliver the complete order to the customer promptly and in top-notch condition. Customers can then make the total payment via Cash, Card or Online transactions.

From food deliveries, groceries and medical supplies, to children’s toys, home appliances, smart devices, and much more, Quickee.lk offers customers a diverse and exciting product assortment to choose from. Rendering its revolutionary ‘Personal Concierge Service’ within the city of Colombo and its surrounding suburbs, Quickee.lk offers absolutely no limit in terms of product type, store/ outlet, and number of pickups along the way. Moreover, the health and safety of its customers being of utmost importance – especially against the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic – Quickee.lk remains highly committed to following the COVID-19 guidelines in its dedicated service as a customer’s personal shopper.

Orders can be placed via direct calls or WhatsApp messages any time between 9:00 am and 3:00 am, all year round. Urgent and food-related deliveries – falling under the ‘Rapid Express Delivery’ category – have a 2-hour turnaround; while the ‘Express Delivery’ and ‘Normal Delivery’ categories ensure a turnaround time of 24 hours and 2-4 days respectively – the latter being applicable for outstation deliveries.

The ‘Personal Concierge’ experience is something that Quickee.lk hopes will outlive the pandemic as it continues its best efforts towards disrupting the conventional e-commerce marketplace in  Sri Lanka. For more information about Quickee.lk and its services, please visit www.quickee.lk or call 0117 324 325.


Quickee.lk’s novel concierge service delivering convenience to its customers


Quickee.lk was founded in 2013 with the prime focus on delivering anything, anytime and anywhere. It was acquired in 2019 by Expolanka Holdings – the global diversified conglomerate rooted in Sri Lanka with interests in logistics, leisure and ventures. Since the acquisition, Quickee.lk has been functioning as a multivendor marketplace and logistics provider to businesses and end customers alike. The company is highly dedicated to playing a multifaceted role in the delivery industry to better its customers ‘lives.



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