Reshaping Industries with AI: Huawei Cloud Presents a Vast Range of Models and Applications

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 this morning, Mr. Kang Ning, President of Huawei Cloud Global Ecosystem, spoke on how “Partnership Paves the Way for New Value”. In his keynote speech, Mr. Kang shared the latest progress and achievements of the Huawei Cloud ecosystem and announced the release of the Ascend AI Cloud Service for reliable, scalable AI computing power. Ascend joins Model Community and Developer Institute in empowering partners and developers to further grow the ecosystem.

“Huawei Cloud has built a complete ecosystem to embrace foundation models of all kinds and to engage partners and developers worldwide,” he said. “Let’s innovate on Pangu models and reshape industries with AI.” 5 million developers and 42,000 partners have joined the Huawei Cloud ecosystem, over 10,000 applications have been released on KooGallery (Huawei Cloud’s marketplace), and more than 21,000 clients have applied for the Pangu PoC tests.

Ascend AI Cloud Service builds a solid computing backbone. This versatile infrastructure, with exceptional performance and diverse resources, will empower partners and developers in model migration and training. To be specific, mainstream AI engines (such as MindSpore, Huawei’s deep learning training and inference framework) are embedded, so developers can migrate their state-of-the-art (SOTA) models or other models to Ascend, and train models with trillions of parameters.

Huawei Cloud aims to build an open global ecosystem with a focus on developers, and Huawei Cloud Model Community is proof. This is where developers get access to quality datasets, enhanced SOTA models, AI capabilities, developer kits, courses, and technical support. Huawei Cloud also takes developers on an upskilling journey. Courses on foundation models and cloud native are supplemented with hands-on experience for the chance to get certified and recognized.

Creating a thriving ecosystem also requires joint effort from customers and partners. Huawei Cloud has developed 20+ industry models and 400+ AI applications on Pangu L0 foundation models, together with 150+ partners and 200+ customers. These achievements are unlocking more possibilities in all industries.


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