Singer unveils ALL NEW Brand Proposition to propel in to the future

Singer’s long-standing history in Sri Lanka started in 1877 as a simple sewing machine company. Today, Singer has grown to be a pioneer in the consumer durable market boasting a product portfolio of over 600 electronic items and 1200 home appliances, Singer is now home to over 60 globally reputed brands. As a company that caters to customers from all walks of life and has enjoyed unparalleled success over the years in 2021 it revealed its’ renewed vision which is ‘To be the market leader in elevating and enriching lives in Sri Lanka”

Going forward, in fulfilling Singer’s renewed vision it will see the company adhere to its core values recently launched to its staff, which include passionately finding ways to improve its offering to cater to customers ever changing needs with agility, demonstrating responsibility and integrity in all interactions, and collaborating for success. From an organisational standpoint, Singer will lead the way in promoting compassion and respect within the company and with customers & all stakeholders as well.

The most integral part of Singer’s new vision and outlook will be the brands new proposition of putting ‘home at the heart’ of everything the brand will stand for going forward. This all-new mantra further cements Singer’s status as a people’s brand and will be the cornerstone of the company’s evolution into a future-ready brand.

Mr. Mahesh Wijewardene, Chief Executive Officer of Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC commented on Singers renewed vision and brand mantra. “This is yet another step taken in our strive/effort to take SINGER to the next level.. Our renewed vision & values, new retail outlook, new brand proposition supported strongly by an enhanced customer service will no doubt propel the Singer brand and our customers to new heights in the future.”

With its modern exterior and interior design, the new retail outlook of Singer Mega and Singer showrooms have been designed to create a more curated and interactive experience for customers. Every Singer Mega and Singer showroom will showcase the complete range of all-new brands and have been designed to offer customers a more spacious, interactive and holistic shopping experience. So far, 50 Singer showrooms have been revamped with this all-new look and 100 outlets are expected to adapt the new look by the end of March 2022. 

Mr. Shanil Perera, Director, Marketing of Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC commented on the new brand proposition. “SINGER as a brand is fully aware that it cannot attain longevity in a market through dependency on the brand heritage it has built or the high-level saliency & reach it commands. On the contrary, we believe it is imperative the brand evolves with the changing market dynamics, consumer expectations and behaviors. The strongest brands are those that have built a strong connection with their consumers over time. Whilst salience contributes to brand equity, a brand needs to be differentiated and meaningful to consumers, which led us to look at a new brand proposition ‘Home at our Heart’ as we believe that our consumers home should be at the heart of everything we do”

Throughout its history, Singer has always believed that to be successful, it must evolve with the trends and changes in the market. However, for any heritage company, setting a benchmark higher means aiming for more ambitious targets, and accepting that is the first step towards ensuring a strong future for the company. Over the years, Singer has consistently proven that it can and will adapt to any changes and will always evolve as a future ready brand.


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