SLT-MOBITEL join hands with Softlogic IT in Empowering Enterprise Customers with “Data Exchange and Analytics Services”

SLT-Mobitel, The National ICT Solutions Provider, announce as part of the Digital Partnership initiative, the Strategic Collaboration with Softlogic IT, in introducing Data Exchange and Analytics Services. This essentially enables businesses to adopt a data driven approach in solving problems and gaining deeper insights in data using the tools and processes of the  IZAC “Data Exchange and Analytics Platform” and Microstrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR). IZAC is the Global Data Exchange platform by Whiteklay and, MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is the largest independent publicly-traded analytics and business intelligence company. 

It is witnessed by a lot of companies that a robust Data Management landscape can help an organization boost its bottom line in prioritizing its sales and operational efforts. Efficient use of Decision Science has also led to more clarity in organization messaging and strategy.  The joint solution will provide to Enterprises, a subscription based Intelligent Data Management As A Service, hosted on the SLT-Mobitel Akaza cloud platform. This solution will enable enterprises visualize data patterns, and apply predictive analytics to enable enterprises take timely decisions thereby making their business operations more efficient.

Commenting on the new offering from SLT-Mobitel, Mr. Janaka Abeysinghe, CEO of SLT said, “SLT-Mobitel recognizes that Data is the new ‘source of truth’ for the enterprise customers in terms of achieving sustainable growth and fueling new innovation. By engaging with SLT on the journey transcending Connectivity, Cloud and Data, we intend to take organizations in Sri Lanka to the next level of decision making using Data Virtualization, Analytics and AI tools of the Whiteklay platform, and, thus play a catalytic role in enterprise Digital Transformation”

Elaborating on this service, Amit Kumar Parija, CEO, Whiteklay Pte Ltd said, “The true value of data science will be realized only when you have a good data engineering stack. In today’s world, not having a strong data background should not be a deterrent for any organisation to get some quick insights from data. If a trend line can be spotted in the data, analysts should be able to ask the system as to ‘what changed?’ giving them the flexibility to slice and dice on the data at a real-time level and generate a dashboard as per their liking. If they don’t need the dashboard after a few days, they can discard or edit the same. But the fact is, deploying such systems inside any organisation’s environment takes a big effort from technology, strategy and finance teams. If the tech team isn’t that strong, then setting up the system and acquiring skills to manage and run the system takes a big pie out of the budget as well as time. This is where a lot of companies are looking to engage on getting ‘data exploration as a service’- hassle free big data exchange platform enabled at the click of a button.”

Commenting on this partnership, Roshan Rassool, CEO at Softlogic Information Technologies (Pvt) Ltd said that Sri Lankan business conditions have evolved rapidly, and today, companies face a new set of challenges that threaten their leadership positions. As such, the ability to deploy “data” as a competitive business asset is what will distinguish successful market leaders. The launch of AI as a service through SLT will be the first in Sri Lanka. Together with Softlogic Information Technologies (Pvt) Ltd – a leading systems integrator in the country, Micro strategy – the leader in the Gartner quadrant for AI and Whiteklay a leading AI integration company, it will add a new direction to our local companies to collaborate with these companies and innovate in the AI landscape. The services will include the integration of data from multiple sources, centralized data management, big data analytics, backed by a data scientist and an industry specialist who will be at the disposal of the client thus enabling companies to make AI affordable for their usage. The local businesses who use AI will be at a distinct advantage through the use of data analytics to make data driven decisions that can improve business-related outcomes. The benefits include effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, customer personalization and an improved operational efficiency. Combined with an effective strategy, these benefits can provide competitive advantages over its rivals. 

More information on Softlogic Information Technologies can be found on

Sunil Vadgama, Director, Sales – India & Sri Lanka for MicroStrategy India Pvt. Ltd. said The MicroStrategy Analytics Platform is consistently rated as the best in Enterprise Analytics and is used by many of the world’s most admired brands in the Fortune Global 500. We are proud to be part of this consortium to provide actionable insights for better decision making. This strategic partnership allows us to drive MicroStrategy’s Vision to enable Intelligence Everywhere™. Sri Lanka with a multinational state, home to diverse cultures, languages and ethnicity, would be a great addition to our outreach to assist Enterprises leverage the power of data, information and actionable insights. Our platform features HyperIntelligence, a breakthrough technology that overlays actionable enterprise data on popular business applications to help users make smarter, faster decisions. This strategic partnership will allow us to fuel our growth in the Sri Lankan market and I am personally excited to see major brands leverage our unique value proposition.

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SLT-Mobitel inking the collaboration agreement with Softlogic IT


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