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Are the steep prices of eco-friendly products getting in your way of leading a greener lifestyle? If so, might be just what you’re looking for! is a virtual marketplace that brings together the best eco-friendly, natural and sustainable products to make healthy and sustainable living easier than ever before.

Driven by the vision of making sustainable and earth-friendly commerce the new normal, provides convenient access to a wide range of local eco-friendly products and services at affordable prices. This venture was established in 2019 by three friends equally passionate about doing their part for the environment. is supported both technically and financially through HackaDev; the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sri Lanka’s flagship youth and innovation programme, which empowers Sri Lanka’s youth to be more innovative and entrepreneurial and take leadership in solving the most pressing development challenges in a sustainable manner, by providing them with opportunities and the necessary next-generation skills.

The HackaDev Enterprise Support Programme (HESP) is an initiative which is aimed at rebuilding enterprises and empowering entrepreneurs of the HackaDev alumni network affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the first cohort successfully implemented in 2020/21, it provided  06-months of comprehensive further development support to 15 enterprises. Curve Up was entrusted as the expert service provider to manage the seed funding and incubation support process of the HESP interventions, who were successful in providing necessary support and hands on guidance to entrepreneurs in their journey, contributing to the successful completion of the programme.

Ecohub’s products comprise of a wonderful range of toys, wellness products, tableware and culinary ingredients, all of which are made from materials such as bamboo, clay, coconut and wood. Every single product passes through Ecohub’s five-pillar criteria to make it to the platform. As such, products are rated based on: sustainability of the material, sustainability of the production method, potential to lower the user’s carbon footprint, quality and durability, and capacity to minimise or generate zero waste.

Co-Founder of Tharindu Damith Abeyrathna stated,“The primary motivation behind our initiative was our concern regarding the current rate of environmental pollution in Sri Lanka, and the desire to support local businesses that were struggling to sell their sustainable products at best prices. E-commerce seemed to be the best solution to simultaneously tackle both these issues, while also providing the opportunity to build a healthy and eco-friendly community around it.” is committed to helping every Sri Lankan make more sustainable living choices in the hope of conserving our planet for future generations. “We want all Sri Lankans to know that an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive and inconvenient, and that’s exactly what we are here for! It’s time that we help each other create a healthy planet for healthy people and a healthy future,” he added.

Environmental consciousness has been on the rise, and even more so since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. A global analysis conducted across 54 nations by the Economist Intelligence Unit in association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reports a rising tide of public concern for the environment and a shift towards green consumerism. According to the report, the popularity of internet searches for sustainable goods around the world have increased by 71% in just five years.

Against this backdrop, is highly committed to providing maximum convenience for every customer that makes a sustainable choice – by ensuring affordability, quality, durability and fast delivery.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Ahamed Nishadh, Tech for Development Lead at UNDP in Sri Lanka and Citra Social Innovation Lab stated,“Ecohub has created a digital space for small scale manufacturers of eco-friendly products in Sri Lanka for which demand is increasing day by day. The UNDP led HackaDev HESP initiative is proud to support the passionate team behind Ecohub, empowering like-minded young entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to make their ideas a success.”

UNDP in Sri Lanka, together with its partners, are committed to empower young entrepreneurs through concrete and sustainable action, and looks forward to supporting many such HackaDev Alumni entrepreneurs in the coming years, to emerge from the significant socio-economic effects from the pandemic and build forward better.

If you are ready to change the way you shop and be part of the solution, head on over to where sustainability is made simple!



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