Thursday 13th January, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s largest manufacturer and marketer of herbal personal care products for over 80 years, Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC brand products received the Vegetarian Society accreditation for the adult and baby soap range as well as for its body wash and shower gel range. The company has several of its products licensed to carry the coveted trademark to show that they are officially approved as 100% vegetarian by the prestigious Vegetarian Society of UK.

The following products will now carry the Vegetarian Society (UK) Approved trademark on the packs: Swadeshi Khomba Herbal, Swadeshi Khomba Clear Soap, Swadeshi Khomba Body Wash range, Rani Sandalwood, Rani Gel Bar, Rani Shower Cream range and Swadeshi Khomba Baby Soap.

The Vegetarian Society inspires, informs and enables people to be vegetarian, and their vegetarian trademark certifies that a product is 100% vegetarian. It involves requiring brand products to meet strict criteria, subjecting themselves to independent ingredient testing and production method checked by experts at the Vegetarian Society. To display the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark, a product must meet the following strict criteria: prove that no animal testing was carried out or commissioned for its production, is free from any ingredient resulting from slaughter, is GMO free and assured of no cross contamination during production. Brand products that meet this criterion are awarded the license to display the prestigious Vegetarian Society Approved trademark on their product packs as a trusted assurance to customers that what they are buying is authentically verified as 100% vegetarian and cruelty free.

Commenting on the accreditation, Ms. Chulodhara Samarasinghe, Managing Director/ Deputy- Chairperson, Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC commented “Swadeshi is very happy to get the prestigious Vegetarian Society Accreditation (UK) for its products. As a company, we always believe in making choices which are beneficial to the environment and all beings. All our skin care and cleansing products are based on ingredients which are ethically sourced and cause no harm to animals. We are also averse to animal testing and thus do not use any ingredient which has been tested on animals. The non-use of animal-based ingredients keeps the skin healthier and products with natural, vegetarian ingredients are milder, softer, and better absorbed by skin to maintain a healthy skin. Globally, more and more consumers are becoming aware and choosing products that are ethically sourced, manufactured and associated with environmental and animal welfare causes, so with this international accreditation, we hope to encourage Sri Lankans to be part of this wonderful journey and join a more environmentally friendly, eco-conscious and compassionate lifestyle.”

Commenting on the association from The Vegetarian Society UK, Vanessa Brown, Head of Business and Catering Services at the Vegetarian Society, said: “There’s a growing demand for veggie products everywhere and it’s fantastic to see Swadeshi meeting the needs of their customers. By displaying the Vegetarian Society Approved vegetarian trademark, Swadeshi are making a clear statement to shoppers that they can trust these products to be vegetarian.”

About Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC

Translating into “our land” or “local” in Sinhala, Swadeshi is a brand that has touched the lives of generations of Sri Lankans since its inception in 1941; its green logo is instantly recognisable by consumers across all parts of the island. Giving birth to iconic brands such as Rani and Khomba, the company’s products are used by customers across the world and the brand is unanimous with beautiful, healthy, and naturally nourished skin. Swadeshi soaps, primarily use herbal and natural ingredients, indigenous to the region, like Margosa (Neem) and Sandalwood. Neem (Margosa) has been used as an ingredient in ayurvedic recipes for centuries as a natural anti-bacterial cleanser while Sandalwood as an ingredient for cooling glowing skin and revered for its exotic fragrance. Their herbal personal care product range of soaps, bodywash, shampoo, colognes and creams (both for adult and baby care) has always been 100% vegetarian made with rich, herbal ingredients that are free from animal testing and now has the seal of approval to prove it.



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