To Boost E-Commerce data in Sri Lanka SLASSCOM and Daraz sign MoU

To improve e-commerce connected data in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM) and Daraz Sri Lanka recently signed a much-awaited Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

A national e-commerce penetration and use survey launched by SLASSCOM and Daraz covers about 3,000 e-commerce users across the 25 regions of Sri Lanka. The survey will be conducted by an independent research company in all native dialects, and the outcome of the survey will be issued in the form of a report, which will be made available to the public and broadly distributed.

At the signing of the MoU, SLASSCOM Chairperson Ms. Sandra De Zoysa said, “The optimism amid businesses and the fascination among online shoppers concerning the use of e-commerce is inspiring. Given that the current state of e-commerce growth in Sri Lanka is quite basic, the possibility for expansion, both for the local market and for transnational trade, seems exceptionally promising. As such, this survey will offer us a precise look into Sri Lanka’s maturity and preparation levels in e-commerce. The findings could help formulate a calculated plan for e-commerce growth and execution. At SLASSCOM, we are eager to work with the industry in order to initiate action by looking for solutions to bridge the current gaps discovered through this study.”

Mr. Rakhil Fernando, Daraz Sri Lanka Managing Director and Country Head, further added: “This partnership effort aims to make sure that not just a few but several stakeholders will have access to some of the data they need to push forward the e-commerce industry in Sri Lanka. Closing data gaps will notably boost both our understanding of Sri Lanka’s e-commerce landscape and feasible pathways that could be taken further to grow the e-commerce industry. It will offer a much clearer perception of the potential of the industry and allow businesses to devise better-localized solutions and make sure the industry grows ambitiously and in a way that is sustainable. “

E-commerce is critical to future economic development, and it’s a relatively new industry in Sri Lanka. It is an evolving activity that was boosted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for e-commerce to flourish in Sri Lanka, understanding the scope to which the locals are embracing e-commerce to buy and sell products and services is crucial.

Anishka De Zylva, Daraz Sri Lanka Head of Public Policy, said, “The survey report will offer a summary of the e-commerce landscape of Sri Lanka from a users’ point of view, together with measures and baselines for understanding the maturity and potential development of the industry. It will recognize parts of strength and parts for improvement or policy intervention, and also call to attention the drivers and barriers to e-commerce penetration and use in Sri Lanka. ”

Great, high-quality data is essential to making sure that funded resources deliver the correct and most advantageous results, and with data gathered through surveys like this, both businesses (which include micro, small, and medium-sized businesses), the government, policymakers, lawmakers, and other organizations would be able to make better verdicts, solve issues, boost offerings, and assign resources more accurately.

Photo Caption – Representatives of Daraz Sri Lanka and SLASSCOM at the virtual signing ceremony.



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