Velona Cuddles Launches Sri Lanka’s First Diaper Subscription App

Velona Cuddles, the leading baby diaper brand in Sri Lanka, recently introduced their all new diaper subscription app. This app was released to the valuable clientele as a solution for a problem that many parents with infants and toddlers face. While a new parent provides a baby with undivided care, the flexibility to step out to get some of the required essentials may be hindered. Getting on this subscription plan is not only convenient for parents but also helps them save a considerable amount of money by getting the diapers at a discounted rate and the free delivery helps save their time as well. The app comes with a ‘delayed start option’ so that the expecting parents may set start date to sync up a couple of weeks before their expected due date. Another feature of this app is that it gives the opportunity to create multiple profiles and subscriptions for your kids through the account dashboard. A convenient sizing slider to help parents choose the best size for their child is available to ensure better comfort levels. 

Expressing his views on the newly developed app, Dr. Gehan De Soysa, Chairman – Threadworks (Pvt.) Ltd. stated, “One of our value pillars is elevating the quality of life of parents in Sri Lanka and without a doubt this app will make the process of buying diapers convenient for mothers all over the island”.

Several reasons for the brand’s popularity amongst Sri Lankan parents are the special design that makes it suitable for the country’s humid climate and the fact that all its diapers are free of the harsh chemicals used in most other brands.

The Velona Cuddles Diaper Subscription App has been designed with ‘ease of navigation’ being the key factor and with 3 simple steps, parents need not worry about the supply of diapers.  Once the app is downloaded on to the android or iOS device, the customer is required to fill in their information, choose a subscription bundle and choose how often they want it delivered. With just a few clicks the user can avoid the stress of diaper emergencies.

Presenting the app at the launch, Tiasha De Soysa, Head of Communications- Threadworks (Pvt.) Ltd. commented, “Very often, we receive calls from frantic customers who have run out of diapers and have difficulty in buying them in a hurry. We realized the need for an expedient and effective solution to ensure that our customers don’t face such diaper emergencies. Therefore, a solution in the form of an intuitive and convenient app was launched, to ensure a parent never runs out of diapers by pre-empting their diaper needs.”

The Velona Cuddles App is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and for more information visit

Incorporated in the Year 2000, with the dawn of the new millennia, Threadworks (Pvt) Ltd, has transformed itself into being the flagship company of the Velona Group which started as a sole trader business in 1945. Threadworks (Pvt) Ltd. has grown exponentially by affiliating itself with many international brands and at present has six boutique outlets in Colombo under the two brand names: ‘Arista’ & ‘Velona’. Velona has been a household name for decades by creating comfortable and long-lasting clothing for the entire family. Velona expanded from textiles and apparel, to the baby hygiene segment in 2012 with the introduction of the Velona cuddles diaper and wipes range. Over the last few years the Velona Cuddles Diaper brand has secured itself as the market leader in the baby hygiene category.


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