DIMO to boost Marine Engineering solutions in the Maldives

DIMO, a leading diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka, is outlining plans to continue to enhance its marine solutions in the Maldives. As the Authorized Service Dealer for MTU, DDC marine engines in both Sri Lanka and the Maldives, DIMO is set to focus more on foreign vessels, super luxury yachts and resort owners through its marine engineering arm, DIMO Marine Solutions.  In 2017, the company also entered a joint venture with Coastline Investments to facilitate marine services in the Maldives.

DIMO took a step further to expand its footprint in the Maldives by participating in the recently concluded Maldives Marine Expo, the official exhibition of the National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM) that featured Maldivian and international exhibitors engaged in marine related businesses. In addition to the exhibition, the DIMO Marine Engineering Solutions team successfully carried out a number of impactful promotional campaigns in the Maldives, aimed at educating its existing and prospective customers on its wide range of marine engineering solutions. The campaigns have received encouraging feedback and have laid the platform for the DIMO Marine Engineering Solutions team to drive forward with new business opportunities. 

Sharing his views, Vijitha Bandara, Executive Director at DIMO, who also oversees the Marine Engineering business of the Group stated, “In the Maldives, tourism is the main driver of economic growth and therefore it is very encouraging to see a rapid recovery of the industry following the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the industry bouncing back, we at DIMO, have observed that there are various opportunities coming up in the Maldivian leisure segment in the field of Marine Engineering, ranging from luxury yachts to Resorts Management. Driven by over 8 decades of experience, DIMO is fully geared to explore these opportunities through DIMO Marine Engineering Solutions. DIMO will now be able to fuel the dreams and aspirations of the communities in this region as a result of our new initiatives.” 

DIMO also expects to increase the MTU and DDC Engine market penetration in the Maldives while further reinforcing its aftersales services where its expertise in repair, servicing and overhauling of marine engines is unparalleled. Leveraging its expertise as the dealer for MGDUFF Marine Cathodic Protection Systems and Boat Anodes, DIMO will also focus on Hull Protection as an avenue to enhance business opportunities in the Maldivian marine industry. 

Cathodic Protection is an electrochemical process that halts the corrosion of metals of ship hulls by superimposing an electrochemical cell more powerful than the corrosion cell. Apart from MGDUFF Marine Cathodic Protection Systems and Boat Anodes in the Hull Protection domain, DIMO Marine Engineering Solutions’ product portfolio also offers Aluminium Anodes and ZINGA Paint.

DIMO Marine Engineering solutions has further expanded its product portfolio by offering sea / brackish water purification systems and wastewater treatment systems to the Maldivian market, primarily focusing on the luxury resorts spread across the islands. To achieve this, DIMO has teamed up with ROCHEM, a provider of state-of-the-art water purification systems and wastewater management solutions. With the global leisure industry increasingly turning towards incorporating sustainable solutions to its business operations, DIMO is well-positioned to empower the Maldivian leisure sector to efficiently manage their pool, grey, black and industrial water in a sustainable manner that meets global standards.  

Strengthened partnerships with global industry experts including MTU, DDC, MGDUFF and ROCHEM is a testament to DIMO’s capability in successfully undertaking large-scale repairs and construction retrofits of engines and other components on vessels afloat, dredgers, slipways, offshore facilities and other marine engineering solutions. All undertaken projects are carefully planned, supervised, and carried out by highly qualified staff and skilled professionals who have over 30 years of experience in the marine ship repair field. Additionally, a dedicated flying squad with specialized high-tech tools also enable DIMO to provide unparalleled service to its Maldivian customers by offering rapid services to any location within the Maldives islands.


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DIMO Marine Solutions team at work


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