The United Centenary Front, Creating a New Political Culture

Amidst 75 years of political failures and growing public alienation, a new generation of leaders launched the United Centenary Front on Saturday, April 29th, at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, offering a direct solution to Sri Lanka’s current crises.

This momentous occasion marks the culmination of a four-year journey traversing all 25 districts of our nation, where we have been working tirelessly at the grassroots level to raise awareness, develop leaders, and foster a sense of community.

Our ambitious agenda includes the launch of an economic renaissance, embracing modern technology across various sectors, including agriculture, and spearheading an economic transformation. Furthermore, we are dedicated to enhancing our education system, ensuring it remains competitive on the global stage.

The United Centenary Front is committed to fostering a new political culture characterized by transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. We pledge to publicize our assets declaration, maintain transparent party finances, and increase the representation of women and youth.

Prashan De Visser, Chairman of The United Centenary Front
Executive Committee Members of United Centenary Front

Starting today, our comprehensive fivefold program will be implemented in 100 villages, focusing on key areas such as child nutrition, entrepreneurship, information technology, English, drug prevention, career guidance, and financial literacy. The executive council and district coordinators you witnessed on stage are devoted to the success of this program.

As we prepare to compete in the upcoming national elections, our commitment to serving Sri Lanka remains unwavering as we strive to achieve the 10 dreams we envision for our nation.

We cordially invite all honest, knowledgeable, and patriotic individuals to join us on this transformative journey. You can support our mission by applying for party membership, participating as a volunteer or providing financial contributions. Together, we can shape a brighter future for Sri Lanka.



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