vivo hopes for an upward market trend post Covid-19 recovery in Sri Lanka

Aims to tap untapped market of Sri Lanka through innovation and understanding consumer’s need

vivo, the innovative global smartphone brand is gearing up to look beyond the impact of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka and to ensure that they join the battle to win against the global pandemic and its economic casualties. Despite the standstill of the smartphone industry and the predicted negative sales impact; vivo is confident that the business will continue, in a future post COVID 19. Also, the company is utilizing this time to innovate and understand consumer’s need. As vivo is positive that post-covid 19 the consumer need will not just survive but thrive.

“We are certain that as a committed brand, we can serve the customer demands without any hassle even amidst the challenges we are facing due to the pandemic. We have a strong team and together with our local partners, we will continue to thrive when the situation becomes normal,” stated Kevin Jiang, CEO, vivo Mobile Lanka.

At vivo it’s always “V” (We) not “I”

As an impactful brand, vivo understands the economic casualties presented by the global pandemic and is more than ever keen on working closely with the 350+ vivo employees and 1200+ retailers who represent the brand, while aligning the brand to the concept of Sri Lanka Government’s efforts on #RestartSriLanka. vivo believes that their major strengths as a rapidly growing brand in Sri Lanka are its local employees and partners. The success of vivo post COVID-19 depends on them. Our distributors ensure that vivo devices are available for customers at any given time; and the local employees are highly talented and dedicated being the greatest asset so far for the young brand in Sri Lanka.  

The company which entered the Sri Lankan market in 2017 had noticed an upward trend in smartphone sales in the region. The local consumers were looking for vivo products. Considering which, the company is constantly expanding their sales channels and after sales support services. vivo Mobile Lanka has been able to reach out to the customer in both offline and online mediums, which has been especially helpful in unprecedented challenges in the current market scope, whereby the brand maintains an edge over the competition and are confident of its local potential. 

Following their establishment of several flagship products in the local market, vivo currently is of the view that now it’s the time to establish vivo as a brand that caters to the individual needs of the target audiences and constantly aims to improve the features of a smartphone that matters the most.

“We don’t care about, whether we are No. 2, 3 or 1. What we care is the satisfaction for the four stakeholders: Customers, retailers, shareholders and employees. It starts with satisfaction of the consumers. Happiness of the consumer is a pre-condition. The profit or the market share is a result of doing the right things for these four stakeholders. As a more youth centric brand, our primary audience is all these youngsters who are looking for a trendy smartphone with cool and improved features like superior quality camera, big battery and fast performance. Most of them are selfie-lovers and they use a lot of apps on the go as well” added Jiang.

Since launch in 2017, vivo Mobile Lanka has launched a series of flagship smartphone models for mid and high end segments. Our biggest key differentiator is the cutting-edge, innovative products that were introduced to the market over the last couple of years such as V17 Pro, S1 Pro.Currently, the vivo product ranges are very popular among the youth community in the country, a segment where the brand has a positive potential with a satisfactory sales growth.

To address the frequently growing demand, vivo has expanded the business more than ever to reach more customers who are scattered all across the island. vivo products are now available all over the country with a solid network of distributors and retailers. Recently, the brand also opened up an exclusive service center in Galle that will provide the customers the opportunity to experience premium after sales services of vivo along with an array of other benefits.

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Image 1 : Kevin Jiang, CEO, vivo Mobile Lanka.


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